Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bananas Soon Come

Bananas Soon Come, originally uploaded by captainjay.

The banana tree that was planted when we first moved in is doing really well. We should have bananas by this fall. We also have a soursop tree with fruit on it but I can't get to the tree. I would really like to try one ....I've been told they are really good.

On a different note, we are having some issues with the blog. I can post to it and can bring up google dashboard to edit it, but I can't view it. I can't bring up any google blogs. So I thought google was just having issues. But we've been getting comments on some of our posts so that means other people can view the blog, just not us. Doesn't make sense.


Rick Garvin said...

d00d, delete all your cookies! If that doesn't work, reboot you DHCP server (probably your router).

And, soursop? Check out Soursop smoothie, island style!!

Cheers, RickG

heinz said...

if rick's suggestions do not work, it may be a firewall setting was changed at your local provider.

Deb & Jay said...

I did everything Rick said and it still does not work. When my iPhone uses the Wi-Fi connection to my network, then it has the same issue, but if I turn it off and just use the Edge service, then it can load the blog. So it sounds to me something with our provider has changed. Right?

Rick Garvin said...

On the iphone too? Sounds like DNS or some kind of application proxy. I would give your service provider a call.

Cheers, RickG

Robbo said...

they say that the more run you drink, the faster the page loads. drink more rum.

honestly, though... try unplugging the router for 1 minute, then plug it back in. that should be enough time for it to "forget" the ip address it was assigned before and grab a new one (at least, with my DSL, it did). If all that fails, call the isp. they'll walk you through logging into the router/changing things manually