Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Dell Saga Comes to an End

Another mail miracle. The part for the laptop was shipped Tuesday night and was here by Wednesday afternoon. So as soon as we got home this evening, Jay printed out the instructions on how to dismantal the laptop and install the new video card from Dell's website (even though it said not to open the case unless you were a certified technician, who wouldn't need step-by-step instructions). But Jay followed the instructions and installed the new card and its working like a charm. So hopefully this is the end of the Dell craziness. I want to send a
big Thank You to Larry the Dell Customer Advocate, without his involvement who knows where in the process we would Thank You Larry!!

By the way the card was ordered from Latin American, shipped on the 17th from Ohio, yep good ole USA and delivered overnight by DHL. No doubt after all this Dell lost money on the $20 they charged for shipping.

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