Monday, June 16, 2008

The Griswald's Caribbean Summer Tour

Well since yesterday was father's day we talked to the families. My family is planning a trip down next month in mass so it should be another Griswald's Vacation. Both of my sister's, my parents, two nieces and a nephew will all be here at the same time. There will also be a friend of my older sisters with her daughter as well. The only person that's not going to make it is my little brother. It should make for some big fun. We are actually looking forward to having people around since we haven't had any company for a while. They are renting a nice villa on St Thomas, a few miles from our house since we just don't have room for that many people. So look out in the next few weeks for continuing Griswald updates.


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Anonymous said...

Jay and Deb,

I have been keeping up with your to see you two making it in paradise! Hopefully we will be livin' the life one day, too! I had a question, I know you guys post from your iPhone. I am going to be down next week for the TTOL flotilla and wanted to post on my blog from mine. Is it as easy as taking the pic/going to your blog site and then when you add a picture..just going into your photo cache? If you have any advice, please send it on! Deb, sorry about your tooth! Hang in there!