Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Mysteries Of Mail

Well since my birthday is this week, I have received a few birthday cards. They are the normal birthday card fare, but the funny thing is trying to figure out the mail time. Deb's dad sent me a card, he is in Anchorage Alaska on vacation and mailed it on June 10th it arrived here on June 16th. Not bad considering the distance. The one from Deb's mom was mailed on June 13th from West Virginia and got here on the same day. Shaunda sent us a card from Hawaii on June 7 and we received it on June 12th. So all of these were sent via standard postage. That's not that bad all in all.



Traveling Shaunda said...

So, are you going to have a great birthday celebration in the virgin isles tomorrow?

Deb & Jay said...

Not having a party, but we are going to Tortola to look at boats again. So maybe a boat is in our future?

Kim & Brad said...

Tell Jay to have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!!!! I wish we were there to celebrate with you guys!! =)

Capt RD said...

Happy Birthday -- next beer at Hook,Line is on me when I see you. DOUG