Friday, June 27, 2008

Refreshing Cocktail

Refreshing Cocktail, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Thought I would share my new drink that is very refreshing for the summer. I'm normally a Captain and Diet with lime girl, bit since coming here I've noticed that a lot of places have Pepsi products intead of Coke which does not taste good with Captain. So I had to find something else. Jim at Hook Line Sinker helped me come up with Stoli Raz, splash of cranberry, soda and lots of lime. Its very good and very refreshing on a hot day. It probably has a name but I haven't
found one yet. Have a great weekend!

BTW - Jay was off today so I took off early so we could hang out since he has to work all weekend.

ALSO, I guess I should have mentioned that Jim doesn't work at Hook Line anymore. Like CaptRD said in his comment, Jim and Ellen left a couple months ago to go state side and they are definitly missed..........Jim if you're reading this, let us know how you guys are doing!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Jim at Hook, Line and Sinker is a master behind that bar. Have him make you one of his chocolate, carmel frozen thing. No name for it either but it very good after a meal there.

Capt RD said...

Sadly Jim and Ellen have moved back to the States to continue her higher education. Everyone who is a regular and a lot of visitors are missing their genuine friendliness and 'welcome to Frenchtown' greeting.

Rick Garvin said...

Try Pepsi with Mount Gay and lots of lime. My fave!!

We are doing mojitos tonight - the mint is going insane in the Virginia heat and humidity.

Cheers, RickG & Sweet Christine

Anonymous said...

Who's tending bar now?

Deb & Jay said...

mostly Cody and Terri (sp?) with Sam filling in from time to time. They all are very nice and very good bartenders but we still miss Jim. :-)