Monday, December 15, 2008

Things you didnt know you missed while living in the VI

....until you make a trip back to the states.

1. Talking on the cell phone while driving.
2. Other drivers regarding traffic laws as laws and not just a
3. Long hot showers without turning off the water between rinse and
4. Warm fluffy towels vs. crunchy from being hung on the clothes line.
5. Shopping malls with nice stores.
6. Papa Johns pizza and Mexican food.
7. Draught beer.
8. Driving fast on the interstate.
9. Drinking water from the tap.
10. Consistent power and cable.
11. Drying clothes in a dryer.
12. No mosquitoes.
13. Last but not least, seeing Friends and Family!!


Brad and Kimmie said...

Here is our list of things we miss while you guys are in the VI:
DEBBIE & JAY!!! Long list, huh?

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why the US is in the shape it's in....

Xislandgirl said...

Things you miss while visiting the states:
1. Balmy beezes
2. Clear Blue Water
3. Soft Sany beaches
4. To Go cups
5. To Go cups

Deb and Jay said...

LOL...amen sista!! Don't forget the view and 80 degrees!!