Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Beach Picture

Yea!!! It's Friday!! last day of work before being off for two and a half weeks! I know I just got back from a week long trip back home, but the university shuts down for the Christmas break and Jay could not get off during that time since its really busy at CYOA. So we had to take our trip when Jay could get the time. So I got two breaks, WooHoo!!

Tonight is the big Miracle on Main Street event in downtown Charlotte Amalie. We're riding on a friends boat for the lighted boat parade so I'll try to take some pics.

Have a great weekend!!!
BTW - the pic was taken at the Yacht Club on the east end of St. Thomas during the Rolex Regatta. (that explains all the boats in the harbor)

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Kim and Brad said...

Ah, the Friday beach picture. Oh how that brightens my day. Especially since it's still raining here in WV. I would rather have snow than all this rain. =O