Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Must have Bluetooth

Well, I got pulled over Saturday morning for talking on my cell phone!! I was on the way home from dropping Jay off at work and Silvia called from St. John in a panic because no one was at Slim Man's parking lot and they needed to park somewhere for the day while they went to Jost. So I was trying to help her figure out where to park when I turned on to the road that leads up to our house......which happens to be at the Police Station. Well, there was an officer standing outside of the building and saw me talking on the phone. I panicked and threw my phone across the car but it was too late, he pointed to me and pointed to the curb. So I pulled over. Here's the conversation:

Officer: mam, you do know its illegal to talk on the cell phone while driving?

Me: yes, sir I do. I'm very sorry.

Officer: Where is your head set?

Me: Well, I just recently moved here and I'm still getting settled in and haven't bought one yet.

Officer: How long ago did you move here?

Me: um.....real recently (smile)

Officer: How recent?

Me: a few months ago (couldn't say almost a year!)

Officer: Well, that's long enough that you could have bought a head set.

Me: I know, I'm really sorry. It's just that my friend called me in a panic from St. John and I was trying to help her and I couldn't find a place to pull over so I pulled up the first street I came too (couldn't say it was the street I was going to turn on anyway)

Officer: Well, I'm going to let you go with a warning, but go buy a headset.

Me: Thank you very much. And yes I will go buy one right away. Where can I pull over to call my friend back to make sure she's ok.

Officer: Pull down the street a few feet but make it quick.

Whew! Close call. That would have been a $150 fine if he had written me a ticket! So I went to AT&T store yesterday and bought a head set. Of course I bought the cheapest one and I still haven't gotten it to work, so I'll probably have to take it back. But, lesson learned. Do NOT talk on the cell phone while driving in the USVI.


Kim Arden said...

Close call for sure. He would have definitely given you a ticket if he knew you moved down there in January. Better hope he doesn't follow your blog!! LOL =)

Island Girl said...

I know the feeling. I have yet to invest in a headset. I had to explain to family/friends that if I suddenly stop talikng, I've prolly launched my phone across the car in order not to be caught! Hehe!
Those bluetooth's I think are sooo dorky!