Thursday, December 4, 2008

Just two blocks.....

Funny story. Some forum friends that are vacationing on STJ (Brenda and Gary) came over to STT last night to have dinner with us. We decided to eat at Hook, Line, Sinker because we thought another forum friend was arriving that day at CYOA, but I ended up having the wrong date, but anyway. Our friends took the STJ ferry to downtown Charlotte Amalie. I didn't know exactly where it pulled up to the Waterfront, but thought it was near the ferry dock that is used by the Tortolla ferry and sea plane. But I was wrong. It actually pulls in down by the Coast Guard dock which is the other end of Waterfront!

So when I gave them directions to Frenchtown, I told them to get off the ferry and go to the left and walk about two blocks and you'll see the entrance to Frenchtown on your left, can't miss it. Well, since they were on the other end of Waterfront, it's more like a 1/2 mile walk vs two blocks. But every time they stopped to ask someone directions to Frenchtown they would say keep walking, about two blocks, can't miss it! They were given those same directions every time, LOL

So for future reference, if you take the downtown Charlotte Amalie to/from St. John, the dock is on the east end of the Waterfront, down by the Coast Guard dock, across the street from the "flea market" style shopping area. And it's a pretty good walk to Frenchtown!


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