Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Country roads....take me home...

Ok, driving on the right feels really weird! Its strange that making
the switch to driving on the left was no problem. But last night
driving home from the airport on the right just felt wrong! LOL

BTW - not exactly tropical conditions but its not as bad as it could
have been. Its 55 and foggy but last week it got down to 12, so 55 is
pretty good.


Brad and Kimmie said...

Glad you guys made it home safely. We can't wait to see you guys Saturday!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I would take 55 its 6 here.

heinz said...

amazing that you have been there for a year. I remember finding your blog early last year and how much I enjoyed it. You have accomplished a lot in a year and should be proud.

Traveling Shaunda said...

Haha, I was only there for 3 months and I had a hard time driving on the right side of the road again!