Monday, December 8, 2008

Success at DMV

Well, after lots of stress and headaches, Silvia has passed all her tests and officially has her VI driver’s license, yea!! What a crazy process this has been for her. She ended up having to use a driving school to take a couple lessons and then use their car for the test. If you don't have a license, you can't buy a car and get insurance. But to take the driving test, you have to have your own car. So if you don't have a friend on island that will let you use their car, then you have to use a driving school and of course they want you to take at least one lesson with them before they will let you use their car. The lesson cost $30 and to use their car for the test is $50. Silvia used Paul's Driving School and said he was very nice and very helpful. He even picked her up at work and at the house for her lessons. So she definitely recommends him.

So here's the recap:
1. pay $2 medical form
2. pay $12 for exam book (since online is different than printed version)
3. pay to get passport pics taken
4. pay for medical exam and eye exam
5. pay $10 for written test, pay each time until you pass (everyone I know had to take it more than once)
6. pay $8 for permit
7. pay $30 for driving lesson (pay for each lesson until ready to test)
8. pay $50 to use instructors car
9. pay $10 to take driving test
10. pay $35 to get license

So, pretty much it costs $200 (and lots of headaches) to get your license plus the cost of your medical/eye exam and that varies depending on if you have insurance or not. So, definitely do NOT let you state side license expire if you plan on getting a VI license!

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