Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cruzan Confusion

Cruzan Confusion, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Well its past noon so time for a cocktail by the pool. :-) I found recipe online for a Cruzan Confusion that is pretty tasty. Equal parts of Cruzan Mango, Cruzan Coconut and pineapple juice and I added a little OJ. I asked a couple bartenders on island about it and they
said it was basically a little bit of all Cruzan flavors and fruit punch. But I didn't find that online anywhere. Anyone know which one is right? Regardless, the version I made is very good! Yum, yum!


Brad and Kimmie said...

You just had to remind us that you are off work this week. Lucky dog....off work....sun....and cocktails!! What a life!! =)

Deb and Jay said...


Rick Garvin said...

Tasty lunch!

Cheers, RickG