Friday, August 22, 2008

Two Problems Solved

Well you saw Deb's short post about the car, and heard my whining about the pool. Well two of our four friends that are coming to visit showed up yesterday and in their baggage was the new impeller and seal that I needed for the pool pump. So as you can see from the picture after vacuuming the crud that had precipitated out over the last week, then topping off the water, adding a little shock and running the pump all night, it is as clear as it has been for a while.

The pool saga has been going for a while. The motor was overheating on the pump and shutting down so it would only run for about twenty minutes. After doing some research on the pump it turns out the motor is a fairly simply thing to purchase, even on the island, and replace. Well the problem came with the impeller, when I tried to remove the old impeller from the motor shaft it had basically become one with the old motor and left the threads on the dead motor. So the pump motor was readily available on island so you would think the impeller would be as well? Of course not the Jumbie's won't let things be that simple in D'Islands. After two trips to Smith Bay on my lunch hour, in a car that only had two of the four gears it was supposed to have, no impeller. Another shop on island said they thought they could get one in a week maybe, so we googled the pool store in our home town, called them and gave them the part numbers that of course they had in stock, sent our friend Carol to pick them up and she flew them down in her luggage. Actually two employees in the pool shop said they would be glad to fly them down as well. One problem solved.

Problem number two, the car. Well Deb and I did a lot of research and planning prior to the move down. We debated the car issue and decided that selling our relatively new cars in the states, eliminating car payments, and paying cash for an island car was the best course. Well of all the decisions we made prior to moving this is the one I would change if I had it to do over. We paid to much for the Celica, then we continued to spend money on it. Brakes, wheel bearings, freon for the A/C, flush the radiator, new hoses, new battery, well you get the picture. It was actually costing us as much a month, even with me doing most of the work on the car, as a car payment on a modest new or newer car. So this week when the transmission started acting up and getting worse by the day that was the straw that broke the camel's back. We reversed our previous decision, did a little shopping and bought a new car with a lifetime warranty on the drive train.

So my work isn't quite done on the Celica. I am going to have to have a used transmission shipped to me from the states. Install it then sell the car as it basically has no value without the transmission working and we have to much money in it to let it slide. Wo HOO


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