Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well, we went to Oceana last night for Bill and Carole's 38th anniversary. That place is very special and it will be our special occasion place for now on. We went there first for Shaunda's birthday, and now Bill and Carole's anniversary, a special place for special people, awe...

The food was very good, the Mojitos were excellent, but be prepared to drop some cashola. But I think the place is special enough that it is worth it.

Then we went to Crown Bay cruise ship dock to listen to Top Notch. The same band we've heard at Paradise Point. I love the music they play. Carole and I danced our hinies off and even got Bill up there for a song or two.

Happy Anniversary ya!!!!

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Traveling Shaunda said...

Awwww,'s the special place now!