Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Beach Picture

It's Friday!!!! This is Gibney beach on St. John, taken by a "forumite". Thanks to them I have lots of great Friday beach pic posts. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Hi, I really like your blog but it bothers me that you keep posting other people's pictures without giving the author credit for it. What about copyrights? You should at least post the name of the person who is the rightful owner of the shot!

Kim & Brad said...

AWESOME PICTURE!!! FYI ~~ we only have about 5 or 6 more boating weekends so you two need to come visit real soon. =)

Deb and Jay said...

I've contacted most of the people who's pics I have used and have always gotten a positive response and told to use whatever pics I want. Its not like I'm trying to sell them, I'm just sharing the beauty with friends and family. Its all good!

Silvia said...

I love all of the pics...just amazing!!

Pam said...

Love Gibney! Feel free to us any of our pics. Bill and Heather would love to share. Have a great week. :)