Saturday, August 30, 2008

Deja Vu For The Big Easy

Well this could be another bad one for New Orleans. My brother lives in the Garden District, he emailed us a couple of days ago to let us know that he was going to Houston to visit some friends for a few days. The same friends that put them up during and after Katrina. There is also another storm out there, Hanna north of Puerto Rico and looking allot like it is going to hit Cuba then who knows were it goes from there. I am glad neither of them were a factor here but it will be tough blow when they both make land fall within a week or so of each other. We are keeping an eye on a system just off of Africa that looks like it is going to develop as well. So September is coming in with a bang.



Anonymous said...

Hi Jay - been reading your blog for a long time and enjoy your adventures in paradise. We made plans to visit STT and STJ this October and now everyone is warning us about tourist safety there. What's your opinion? Are you constantly watching your back after dark?

Deb and Jay said...

No we don't have to watch our back at all times. Just like any city there are places I would rather not be after dark. Most of the crime I have seen here has been thug on thug or crimes of opportunity were some one is in the wrong place at the wrong time and impaired judgment is usually a factor. Enjoy you trip.