Monday, August 11, 2008

Puerto Del Rey Marina

google map image

Well Jay made it to PR with out incident, yea!! They are at the marina in Fajardo. It took a little less than 6 hours under power (no sails). Now they just have to gas up the boats and get them secured. Then to the airport to fly back to St. Thomas, should be home in time for dinner. :-)


Anonymous said...

why take the boats to PR for hurricane season? Thanks.


Deb and Jay said...

They pull the boats out of the water to do any repair work needed and have the hulls painted. Then they secure the boats on land in the ship yard. There isn't anywhere in STT to do all that.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that there are no facilties to do that at STT. Thanks for such a great blog.

Capt RD said...

It takes a lot of faith in the engine to secure the sails that way for a long trip.