Thursday, August 7, 2008

Days Off

Well I have had a couple of days off and since we don't have company I caught up on some chores yesterday as well as errands. Clean the pool, get the cable fixed, change the radiator hoses and flush the cooling system on the car, and last but not least a good old Cost U More I mean Less trip that cost close the three hundred dollars.

So since I was so productive yesterday today I decided to go diving. I booked a trip this morning with Admiralty We dove the "Miss Opportunity: A 300-foot plus hospital ship that was used as an office complex now lies 3/4 upside down in 90+ feet. Home to a huge Jew fish, and other pelagics, make this an adrenaline-pumping dive. (Advanced dive)" for our first dive. Then we did a drift dive on Porpoise Rocks. This dive isn't on the normal list for Admiralty but we only had four divers and the water was fairly calm so Dewayne wanted to give it a try. It turned out to be a very nice dive with lots of coral and fish. We even saw a few lobsters and an eel. I put together a slide show of the trip.
By the way Deb had to work today so she didn't get to go.


Traveling Shaunda said...

I miss diving!

Capt RD said...

I love the Porpoise Rock area -- just please don't tell us Mango Soy Lobster tonite -- Lemon,Butter, White wine only!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fan shot. I miss the island and the Villa. You should check out that reef between the two islands we missed a good chance.LOL

Gloria said...

Thanks for the pic of fan. I miss the Villa and water. We missed it. We should have tried out the reef from the end of the beach to the little island. You guys should dive or snorkle to see what is there. Debbie the mac and cheese and tide is on the way. Lol Mom