Wednesday, March 31, 2010

VI Transfer Day

Each year, the 31 March is recognized as Transfer Day. It marks the day in 1917 when the Danish West Indies were formally ceded to the United States and officially became the US Virgin Islands. They were bought for US$25 million and were purchased as a strategic base in the Caribbean for the US Navy. Today the event is celebrated with a programme of cultural events and celebrations. According to RonUSVI on the VINow travel forum: Business will be as usual for the day. There will be ceremonies in the Legislature gardens that won't affect any business activities. Schools and the local government will be closed.

The VI Government offices are actually closed today thru Monday. Nice huh?
Wednesday - Transfer Day
Thursday - Holy Thursday
Friday - Good Friday
Monday - Easter Monday
But before you say anything, UVI doesn't get all those days. We get Good Friday off, but that's it. Since we get the two week break at Christmas (that the VI gov doesn't get) we gave up some of the smaller holidays, which doesn't bother me because I love that two week break.

On Good Friday, bars, restaurants and establishments that sell alcohol cannot do so between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. because it's against the law. Those that violate this territorial law face a fine of up to $200 and up to a year in jail or both. So if  you're arriving on STT on Friday mid-day, no welcome rum drink for you, sorry. But happy hour on Friday is still open, so that's good for us locals. :-) I was just doing some research on the "no alcohol on Good Friday" law and apparently the law was repealed in 2005 but for some reason it's still being enforced. Figures. Here's where I found the info.

Also, Easter weekend is a large family camping weekend. So you may see a lot of tents being set up on the public beaches.

Article in St. Thomas Source


Wreggie said...

Is there any Navy presence now? I know St Croix has a long runway and plenty of fuel for air sorties on....somebody.

No booze. I guess one would have to tap into some $6 bottle of Cruzan on hand.

Happy Easter.

Ken said...

Good info to be had! $25 million in gold, I think I could get some investors to buy 3 Carribean Islands for $25 million today? Isn't every day here though a holiday? Three weeks now and down 10 lbs, stress and blood pressure is down. Do I have to leave?