Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fruit Bowl

I finally made it over to the Fruit Bowl today. It's located in the Wheatley Center which is across from the small KMart at Lockhart Gardens. They had a nice selection of fruits and veggies. But limited selection of other grocery items. It was clean and smelled nice which some of the other grocery stores on island can't claim. I'll definitely visit again :-)

As far as prices, it's somewhere between Pueblo and Gormet Gallery. I spent about $60 for the items shown above. It's not as low as Cost-u-less, they still have the lowest prices. But Fruit Bowl has a great selection so  guess it's worth the little extra.


Anonymous said...

How were the prices? Last time I visited it was more than Costuless.

CS said...

yummy food!!!!

stollen cakes said...

delicious and healthy food stuff.

Anonymous said...

Fruit Bowl is the best store on the island...great variety, lots of organics, fair prices, and the only place on island with good customer service