Monday, March 22, 2010

Hull Bay

Jay and I went down to Hull Bay on Sunday after he got off work. It was a beautiful day and wanted to go do something. It was too late in the day to take the boat out, so we thought Hull Bay. We know that they usually have bands on Sunday this time of year. So we checked out their web site. Well it hadn't been updated since 2009 so that was no help. We checked out Face Book and they have a page, but it's a friend page and not a fan page. The difference is you have to actually add them as a friend and they have to accept it, instead of just becoming a fan. I don't like it when businesses set up their FB this way because then any employee who has access to log into the page can see my  personal page since their my "friend" and I don't like people who I don't know having access to my information. So, that's not going to work. But they do have a social calendar that you can see without becoming their friend. If you mouse over the music note on the calendar a pop up will tell you who's playing. But if you click on it to get more information, then FB wants you to allow access to Hallmark Social Calendar app. Again, I don't allow access to any apps on FB, they are just information farms that dole out your email and other info at will (since you gave them permission by allowing access). So Hull Bay Hideaway was not making it very easy to find out who they had playing that night. If you're going to have a web site with a calendar of events, you need to have it up to date and accessible by all people. You would also think that Hull Bay would do a better job of promoting who was playing at their establishment. Just a thought.

Sooooo anyway. I digressed. We ended up going to Hull Bay and had a great time. Deb Callahan Band was playing and put on a good show. Jay had thier Presidente Burger, which he really liked and I had a salad. (being on a diet really sucks!)  but it was a fun evening.

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