Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flooding in WV

I know this is a blog about the Virgin Islands, but we do still have our house in WV and right now they are experiencing some major flooding along the Kanawha River, which is where our house is. We have a floating dock that is attached to two 40 foot poles. Normally there is about 20 foot of pole exposed above the dock. But as you can see in this pic, there is only about 5 foot at the moment. There is a gangplank on a hinge that goes from a deck on the edge of the river bank and rests on a landing on the dock, but at the moment, the gangplank is nowhere in sight which means it has fallen into the water and is under the dock. When the river level starts coming back down, this is going to be a problem. We may have to call in some favors and have someone go keep an eye on it and pull it back up when the time comes. The joy of owning a house long distance.

BTW - that is not our boat on the dock. It belongs to a friend who's dock is attached to ours and they use our gangplank to get to their boat. John, maybe you could go by and check on things? :-)

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