Monday, March 1, 2010

New Front Brakes

So after 9300 miles here is what island brakes look like. The ones on the right are the original. The new ones on the left are there for refrence. The mountains here just burn the breaks up real fast. Fortunately there wasn't any damage to the rotors so it was a relatively painless swap out. $110 for Napa's premium pads, as you can see the surface area on the new pads is larger and the vent is modified as well so maybe they will last a little longer. Guess how I am spending my day off today. New front brakes, oil change, air filter and a wash. As you can see it's not always painkillers and beaches here in the islands.

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Ken said...

I just had the rear brakes on our Honda CRV replaced at our garage for $168, how much would it be had you brought it to a garage?