Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trouble for St John Day-trippers

Well I read this yesterday on Kerry's Blog for the boat Promenade. It appears that the Coast Guard is no longer going to allow inspected vessels, this basically means any day trip boat licensed to carry more than six passengers, to pick up passengers in St John at the National Park dock. This means that anyone that wants to take one of these boats will have to go to the home port of the vessel for pickup. This in lot of cases will mean taking a ferry to St Thomas from St John and possibly a cab from the Ferry dock there to the Marina were the vessel is based. It also means private water taxi's and the Ferry to Jost will likely have issues as well. Read Kerry's take on it here. As well as a copy of the letter sent from the Coast Guard. Since the fix for this is will mean bringing the National Park Dock up to the security standard, it will mean the Coast Guard, The National Park and the local authorities will have to cooperate to get it done. So I will just sit here and hold my breath while they straighten this one out before the season starts. :)

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Josh said...

The new protocol for multi-pax charter vessels going to the BVI involves using the people ferry dock in Cruz Bay for the pickup location. Just a little FYI for everyone.