Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out and about

Out and about, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Jay and I are out running around checking things out. Everything looks unharmed, no destruction, which is awesome. Of course we were just on the main roads so there could be issues in some of the low lying areas. We stopped by Tickles but they were closed so we headed over to Hook, Line & Sinker. They are open and business is hoping. Talking to some of the locals and people on the north and west end never even saw any wind nor lost power. I guess with us being up the hill facing south we were just in the right ( or I guess wrong ) place for this particular storm. I'm just glad St. Thomas came thru this unharmed. :-)

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Robin Chalkley said...

You two were in my thoughts, especially as you kept us updated on your status as the storm approached. Was such a blessing and an answer to prayer that all of the Virgin Islands apparently escaped with only a glancing blow. Thanks for your blog, I really enjoy living vicariously through your reports.