Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home and Wet

Well I got home a little while ago. Actually about a half hour before the mandatory 6:00 PM curfew. We pulled several tenders at the marina today and finished putting away everything we could. I also went to the North Shore this afternoon with a co worker to help put the shutters up on my bosses house. He got stuck in Miami due to a flight cancellation. So it is 7:15 PM dark and wet. The wind hasn't really strengthened much but the rain is steady and increasing in intensity. It does look like on most of the models that the storm will hit St. Croix directly and likely continue to track a little east of us. We aren't likely to take the direct hit from the eye at this point but it is like horse shoes and hand grenades, close is good enough. So we will keep everyone posted as long as we can.


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