Thursday, October 23, 2008

DSL Router Range

Well we've been having trouble with our router so we bought a new one. It has solved some of the problems. The connectivity is much better upstairs. The remaining problem is range. The house is concrete and the range sucks and our co-tenant cannot connect downstairs in her apt. She even bought the usb adapter that is supposed to increase the range on her end, but still nothing. She can sometimes pick it up while sitting out by the pool, which most of the time is pretty cool. But, in bad weather, or at night, and add in the mosquito problem, it's not really a good long term solution. So we need some advice on how to increase the range on the router. If any one has any suggestions let us know. We are just about ready to cut out the tin foil hat shown above for the router :) Here is a link to the directions for it.



Anonymous said...

Try getting a repeater. It's a little wireless device that plugs into an electrical outlet, then talks to your wireless router, to extend your signal. I've used them in very big houses, and they work great. The ones I've used are Linksys.

Tami (aka luvinsun)

Traveling Shaunda said...

Yeah, I well remember the mosquito bites from sitting outside in the evening or mornings to check my e-mail. I can't say I miss that part of living in St. Thomas.

Rick Garvin said...

Concrete walls pretty much kill 802.11 signals. Your best bet is too to run a Cat 6 cable to the apartment and use a hard wired link or an additional wireless access point.

Cheers, RickG

Robbo said...

if you have outlets handy, i highly recommend these (or something like them)
we use them in our 3 story house (where the internet comes in through the bottom level) and it works great on the 3rd floor where the wireless cannot reach! it's not quite as slick as full wirelessness...but if you plug the router in on the "end" of the connection (not at the modem), you'll gain some distance and maybe the wireless will reach.