Thursday, October 16, 2008

Clean Up

Well, time to put everything back where it belongs and clean up the debris. Thankfully not too much to do. The sun is out in full force, it's lookin' good. Still no power but the gen is running great. Jay and Arlin are going to take off as soon as the curfew is lifted to go check out CYOA and put everything back there. The weather channel reported that St. Thomas had wind gusts of 50 mph. It sured sounded like more than that but it didn't really last that long. The biggest gust was at 12:45 when the power went out. We've heard reports of flooding in down town. Jay is going to take the camera with him and take some pics. But overall, it wasn't that bad. We really dodged the bullet!

Small amount of debris. Nothing major.

The neighbors palm tree didn't make it.

Put all the plants back and clean out the studio apartment. A little water got in through the window. It doesn't have storm shutters like the other windows. But not bad at all.

Ah, everything back to normal. Looks good!!

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Anonymous said...

jay is a good toby!! glad you guy's are ok. mike&weezey