Wednesday, October 8, 2008

DMV Follies Soon Come

Well this is the post before the post. A bit of a teaser. Silvia, the tenant downstairs, is trying to get a VI drivers license. Deb and I breezed through this when we moved down thanks to some streamlining of the process. The only problem is the process is only streamlined if you have a state side license to surrender. Well Silvia is from Croatia, she did go to college in the states and had an Idaho license at one point, but no more. So she has had to jump through hoops and will continue to jump through hoops to get her new license.
So she had to go to the doctor and have an exam and some paperwork filled out. You have to be in good shape to drive here as it is a contact sport. Then she has to go this morning and take the written test, which is only given on certain days from 8:00 to 10:00. Then assuming she passes she will have to go back on a different day and take the driving test. Since she hasn't bought a car yet she has to pay a driving instructor for the use of his DMV approved car to take the test.
I am so glad we went the other route and we will keep everyone posted on how it goes.

Here is the list on getting a drivers license if you don't have a valid state license:
1. Go to DMV to pick up a medical form, pay $2. Also, pick up the license application.
2. Have a medical and eye exam, pay for visit, have doctor fill out medical form.
3. Have two passport pics made, not sure of cost (they don't really need these because they use a digital camera to take your pic for the license but because it hasn't been taken off the list, you still have to bring them.
4. Come back to DMV Mondy thru Friday from 8:00-10:00 am to take the written test, pay $10. Make sure to bring your medical form, completed application, passport pics, passport, birth certificate, SS card.
5. If you pass the test, pay $8 for learners permit and make appointment for road test.
6. Come back for road test on your appt time. If you don't have a car, you can use the driving school car for a fee (not sure of this yet).
7. If you pass the road test, pay $35 for your license.

So the lesson is, if you are coming to VI and you have a us drivers license, DO NOT let it expire. Renew it in the states so that when you come here all you have to do is turn it in, pay the fee, and get a VI license. Simple as that.


Karibi said...

Idaho DL but its all the same...the point is, if you can get it in the States it will save you a lot of time.

xstjohnian said...

When I moved from the VI to NC, a USVI license meant nothing. It was like starting all over again, written test and all. I even had to have auto insurance even though I had no car!

bookelly said...

I've had the pleasure of trying to obtain a DL on STT. Do yourself a favor and take the ferry over to St. John. The guy there, (Robert?) is WAY cooler to deal with than the idiots on St. Thomas. I still may take you several trips though.

Living in the the VI reminds me of a favorite lyric to a REM song, "I like it here if I could leave and see it from a long way away."

So glad I'm back on the continent, but I do miss Betsy's and the beaches. But I don't miss the random stabbings and guns brandished in my face. Crazy, crazy place.