Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Internet Connection is Working

We actually had it working on Saturday. We really don't know why it went out originally but I prolonged the outage by hooking it back up wrong after a hard reset that I did on the modem. We had shut it all down, unplugged it and reset it all. Then when I hooked it back up I reversed a few wires and that cost us a good 24 hours of outage before I was smart enough to check all of the connections.

Deb is working on a new driving video coming down the mountain from Sib's to the water front. She had hoped to have it today but it is two long and will have to be broken into two segments to fit on the server. The video soon come.


Robbo said...

how fast of an internet connection can you get with DSL on the island? i remember that our connection on STJ wasn't super fast... but i wasn't online all that much either.

Deb & Jay said...

Did a speed test on CNET and it said we are getting 356 kbps. It's not too bad.