Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hull Bay waves

I've had some requests to show some waves from the north swells that are coming in. We haven't been out looking yet (hope to today after work), but Shaunda took some yesterday evening at Hull Bay. You can see in the second picture the "boatless" mooring balls. They took the boats out the day before yesterday in anticipation of the waves. Looks like they made a good call.



Shaunda said...

Haha, you forgot to mention how the waves came crashing onto shore about 20-30 feet soaking everyone and poor Toby took a swim! Who knew the little guy would know how to swim! It was amazing to see how big the waves were. I got one shot of a wave, and peaking out from the top you can see a motor of a small boat that it was throwing around! I hope you guys get to see them today.

poohwear said...

My condo is up top of Mahogany Run facing north...any chance you could get some pics facing Hans Lollick, I am in NY now dammit! Thanks so much!