Friday, March 28, 2008

Cistern Photos

Due to popular demand here are a few shots of the cistern. This is one of the two access points to the main cistern. There are two basically equal sized tanks. There is a crossover pipe about four feet above the floor that keeps the tanks equalized at or above that level. Once the level drops below that level one tank is held in reserve to give you time to decide what to do if you run low.



Anonymous said...

Wow! Does a screen go over the top, I mean couldn't geckos and spiders, frogs, etc just contaminate that it filtered someway before arriving at your faucet??

Deb & Jay said...

there is a heavy cover with tile that matches the floor to go over the opening in the floor. But there is openings where the water flows in and an overflow that "critters" could maybe get in. It is filtered before coming to the faucet but we don't drink it or use it to cook with.

Robbo said...

i always figured a cistern to be a huge pool-like thing with a piece of cloth or something over the top to keep leaves, critters and stuff out... wow, was i wrong. i now know what to look for next time i'm on island!

Capt RD said...

Robbo- A cistern is part of the foundation of the house - like having a basement full of water. Jay - I use gutter screens over my overflows, and the same screens on the gutter downspouts to keep out leaves and such. Also I clean those roof screens weekly -it is surprising how much they block from entering the downspouts.