Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Dinner

We had Easter dinner with some friends last night on the charter boat that they live on and manage. It is good to have a chef cook for you. Thanks Nita. Not to mention the spectacular sunset, see the previous iPhone post. We had a salad with a Ginger and Wasabi dressing, heart of palms, tangerines, crunchy chinese noodles and lettuce. The main course as you can see was grilled Tuna, with mixed veggies and rice and of course some Soy and Wasabi. The company and the food were great and the setting just doesn't get much better.



Robbo said...

is this another iphone post, or has the internet started working again? i dont think i could make it this long without it...not sure how you guys are!!!

Deb & Jay said...

Yes we got the INTERNET connection working again. We really aren't sure how long it was out as I had done a hard reset and hooked it back up wrong. :)