Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Morning

First Morning, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise. The view is just awesome.There was a gentle breeze blowing. It was actually a little on the "chilly" side which I thought would be impossible. I wish I could say our first night in the house was just as great but I didn't sleep a wink. We were eaten alive by Mosquitoes! They kept buzzing our head and biting the crap out of us. I definitely see a mosquito net in our future. My face was bitten so bad my one eye is puffy and my forehead has huge knots on it!

Today I get to unpack the boxes and suitcases and find the right place to put everything. Our friends that have been on St. John leave today so they will be coming over to St. Thomas to hang out for the afternoon until time for their plane to leave. Then the new tenant that is moving in the apartment in our house arrives today so I'm going to meet her at the airport to show her how to get to the house.
Busy day. Jay has to work today so I'll be doing all this myself. I know you feel sorry for me :-) Well I better get busy.

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Robbo said...

that's the one thing that both of us could do without everytime we go down there...the mosquitoes. stacey came back looking like she was written in braille, she had so many bites!
there are some interesting plug-in pest repellants out there (lentek is the company that makes the most, from what i remember). i'd bet they have one for mosquitoes. i've never used one myself, but thought about bringing one down with us next time so we're not so reliant on the a/c