Saturday, December 15, 2007

Guitars, Tiki Bars and a Whole Lota Rum

Well, since the flight is booked for Jan 24 to the islands, all of our friends here insisted that we have a going to the islands party. Yesterday while running such errands as going to the Doctor, the bank, the social security office to get a new SS Card, etc., we managed to call a friend that owns a bar here, booked his upstairs room and then called another friend that plays music and we have a party booked for Friday Jan 18. It will be at Rivers Edge Cafe in Saint Albans, for anyone reading this that wants to come. Drinks and food around 6:00, cash bar and food as we are hording our money for the islands. Paul James "Team Drink" Deffinger will be playing around 8:00. This will be a beach themed party, so break out the Floral shirts, shorts and bathing suits. "What time is's time for a team drink!"

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