Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another Day of Packing up and Throwing Away

Well I would like to say we are doing something fun today like drinking painkillers at The Soggy Dollar Bar. The harsh reality is its a rainy 30 Degrees and we are sorting out all the "stuff" we have accumulated through the 13 years that we have lived in our current house. We are packing items not going to the islands, disposing of a ton of it to Goodwill and the rest to the local trash service. One of the pre-job offer moves we made this summer was a huge yard sale and a donation to Goodwill afterwards. We actually filled up half a 40 foot box truck after the yard sale. Well, with all that gone, you would think the house would be empty but that's just not the case. The good news is we are about to call it quits for the day and Deb has the better part of a case of Cruzan in the dinning room that we have to drink up before we leave town as it sure doesn't make any sense to ship it down there.
Painkillers soon come.

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