Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small World Sunday

Small World Sunday, originally uploaded by captainjay.

So as we set here at The Beachcomer on Lindberg Bay having a few drinks and soaking up some sun I peck away on the iPhone. I just got an email from a really good friend that is currently in Tahiti, yes Tahiti he is sailing around the world. I got another message from a friend in West Virginia that I have known since junior high school. Deb just got back from NY City and had dinner while she was there with a friend that lives here. I also messaged back and forth this
morning with my neice that lives in WV and is currently in Colorado on vaction with both my sisters and all of their kids. So if this isn't proof of an ever shrinking universe then maybe I shouldn't have ordered that last Margarita.

PS I also got a phone call this week from Admiral Kenneth Hill and several emails and messages about the Pomeroy Ohio Regatta in September.

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