Thursday, August 6, 2009

Save Lindbergh Bay

This Saturday (August 8th) there will be a rally to save Lindbergh Bay. If you haven't heard by now, WICO plans to dredge to make way for larger cruise ships and received permits to dump the dredge material in Lindbergh Bay. This is a terrible idea! This is a beautiful stretch of beach with several hotels, one of which we visit frequently (Island Beachcomer). The idea of seeing and hearing equipment along with all the sediment in the water, not to mention the impact on the Eco system and local economy, it's just so sad. Here is an article in the Daily News.

The Save Lindbergh Bay Coalition has been working diligently to spread the word to help save the bay. The rally this Saturday will be from noon to 4pm between the Best Western Emerald Beach and Island Beachcomer. There will be music, raffle and t-shirt sales. Here is the article in St. Thomas Source with more info. You can also find the Save Lindgergh Bay Coalition on Facebook. So if you're a Facebook user, look them up.

If you're on island this Saturday, come out and show your support!

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