Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kick back Sunday

Hanging out at Honeymoon beach on Water Island. It's a really cool, laid back beach.

We just got back from diving at Lindbergh bay with Admiralty Dive shop to check our the area where they plan to dump the spoils from the dredging project at the cruise ship dock. Not a whole lot to see but it's still sad that they plan to dump in the middle of a beautiful bay. We saw some coral ( hard and soft ), lots of conch, juvenile fish, sea grass, etc. The project still hasn't started because they're still waiting on permits. Hopefully they won't get approved and
they'll have to dump somewhere else.


Ken said...

I am confused, why don't they dump in the middle of the ocean where it is 1000 ft deep? Seems so silly?

Deb and Jay said...

I totally agree with you Ken. Why dump in a beautiful bay when you can go a few miles out and dump in 1000 feet or take it to STX where they want the material for fill. But all that cost more money than just taking it over to the next bay around the corner.

Ken said...

If we could only get some of the California Environmentalists there, this wouldn't be happening, our lake has dried up and CA is requiring the dredging of the boat launch to have a plastic sheet erected then all the silt would need to be trucked off to a plastic hole in the ground so the lake water won't enter the water table and will evaporate....its Draconian down there when it comes to the environment? Great idea, send it 40 mi to STX...both problems would think????