Wednesday, April 29, 2009

UVI Carnival Schedule

I forgot to mention our awesome work schedule here at UVI during Carnival. We got an extra two hours for lunch today to be able to attend the Cultural Fair (so that's a three hour lunch). Tomorrow we are closed until noon so that people can participate in Jouvert (it starts at 4am and goes all morning), then we're off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. WooHoo!!

Friday is the Children's Parade and Saturday is the Adult Parade. Carnival Village has had bands every night this week through the weekend and then fireworks on Saturday. Now if I could just get Jay to go down to Carnival Village with me I'd be set.


Traveling Shaunda said...

Awww, I remember last year meeting down at Carnival Village and watching the Parades, I miss it! Enjoy and takes lots of pictures. I can't wait to see Infernos costumes this year!

Anonymous said...

If Jay won't go I'll take you\. Oh thats right I don't live on the island my bad.LOL

jan said...

Hey Deb, my offer to go with you still stands for any time Fri or Sat. Jay has my #. Jan