Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Madness

Well it is definitely warming up here. We have had some spectacular weather the last week or so. Warm and sunny. As for the madness part Deb and I have been working on the move to a smaller place. We are pretty sure that we have that worked out. Details later. Also we have started the boat shopping process and we are trying to make some decisions on that front. Definitely need some "time on the water". Also to add insult to injury it is Tax Time. We have procrastinated on figuring this out so it looks like extension time. Our taxes this year are going to consist of a State return, a Federal return and a VI return. Almost as much fun as when I ran the construction company.

1 comment:

Rick Garvin said...

Boat?! Fun!

Good luck with the taxes. I'm still waiting on 2 of my 3 K-1s.

Cheers, Rick