Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Carnival Cultural Fair

Carnival Cultural Fair, originally uploaded by captainjay.

Just got back from the Carnival Cultural Fair. I didn't make it last year so I was looking forward to going this year. It's held at Emancipation Garden which is right next to the area of downtown where all the tent vendors set up. There is a band stand set up playing Calypso music and the youth steel pan group Rising Stars. There were food vendors as well as local arts and crafts.

Getting there was a chore. Traffic was absolutely crazy. Silvia picked me up and we were foolish enough to think we were going to find parking. Jay took a dingy over from work and docked right across the street. He tried to talk me into parking in Frenchtown and coming over with him. But it had been raining off and on all morning. So Silvia and I decided to forego the dingy and try to drive. Ha. Good luck. As we got closer we knew we made a mistake. Crazy traffic. Silvia ended up dropping me off and said she we turn back and try to find something. Of course it was pouring the rain when it was time to get out of the car. Oh well. I found Jay, had some lunch and Silvia still couldn't find anywhere to park. She drive by twice and nothing so she face up and went somewhere else for lunch and then back to work. In the meantime Jay and I met up with the rest of the CYOA crew. Jay had to head back so later when it was time to leave I decided to catch a safari back to UVI. I had never done this before so I got tips on what to do. I had to ask three taxis before I found one that was going all the way to the university. I'm still unsure on how to tell the difference between the safari and a regular open air taxi but I know it's only $2 for safari and about $10 for taxi so you have to make sure and ask.

So it was definitely an experience and I'd go again in a heart beat. Next year I'm taking the safari there and back and screw the driving and parking thing. Gotta go.....carrot cake is calling my name. :-)

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