Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jouvert ends with a Bang


Jouvert was shut down this morning after one shooting and two stabbings. I was listening to the event on the radio and no one could believe that the police were shutting it down. But after hearing why, then most people understood the reason. Of course, the participants were disappointed, they look forward to this event every year and to have it shut down because of a few bad people is a real shame. Here is the story in St. Thomas Source.

Getting around town while Jouvert is going on is pretty crazy. I had to drive Jay to work and drop him off about 1/2 mile away. You can't get to Frenchtown because they have the road blocked off. I had my windows down listening to the music and wishing I was down there with the crowd. But after hearing what happened, I guess it was a good thing I wasn't there.
BTW - pic provided by Capt. John Brandi

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