Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ferry Rates Changin Again

Well the $1.10 fuel surcharge is dead. But don't feel to bad for the Ferry Companies for the loss of this revenue as in the same order they are getting a rate increase above and beyond what they are giving up. The Red Hook to Cruz Bay Ferry will be $7.00 each way as soon as the new rates go into effect. Also don't forget the new fity cent user fee as well so round trip without any discounts is going to run $14.50 with the user fee. You will have to buy tokens for the turnstiles to pay the user fee. The new rate schedule also calls for an "automated" ticket system for the ferry. So I guess this means the staff can't resale the untorn, unfolded. unstamped perfectly good tickets that you turn back into the staff now. How are they ever going to survive without these extra perks. If you want to read all the dirty little details here they are in the paper.


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