Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, it's been a slow weekend. Playing catch up with house chores and shopping after the family visit. Everyone made it back safely and uneventful. They wanted me to remind everyone, that when leaving St. Thomas, definitely use a porter at the airport. They take you to the front of the line, check you in and take your bags. Definitely worth the tip ($20 for small group, more for large group.)
So now we're getting ready for more guests. Captain Gary will be staying with us a couple days the first part of the week. Then my cousin from South Carolina and one of her friends will be here Thursday for a week. So we'll be doing some more "touristy" things with them.

Some other friends from Albuquerque (who used to live in WV) will be here the last week in August. My sister and maybe some friends and maybe my other sister, are planning on coming in September or October. And one couple from home is trying to come down in either August or September if they can get their schedule worked out. Then a big group from home will be coming in February and staying at one of the resorts.

I'm glad to finally start getting visitors. I knew when we moved down that people would visit, it just took a little longer to get them down here than I thought. So I'm very excited about all the upcoming travel plans.

I just sent a list of fun things to do while in St. Thomas to the group. So I thought I would share the list in case anyone else was interested.

Paradise Point - skyride up to overlook of the harbor, bar, restaurant, shopping, live music -

Mountain Top - highest point on the island, overlooks Magen's bay - bar, shopping -

Coral World - swim with the sea lions, aquarium, Sea Trek, Coki Beach -

Soggy Dollar Bar - Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands - - can take a ferry for $50 round trip from St. Thomas to Jost

St. John - take the ferry over to St. John for the day, shopping, beautiful beaches, bars, restaurants, $6.10 each way -

Walking tour through historic downtown -

and of course, sit on the beach, relax and have a tropical cocktail!!!!!!

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