Thursday, July 3, 2008

Captain's Nightmare

Well, we just got back from our dive with Admiralty. The wreck Miss Opportunity was so awesome. It's in 90 foot of water and you swim thru the entire hull of the boat. It's right outside of the harbor so it's not a long run to get to it; just south of the airport, near Flat Cay. The second dive was called Captain's Nightmare. It's real close to Miss Opportunity. The water was getting a little rough and there was a current so it was more work than the first dive, but still good. Fun Stuff!!


Traveling Shaunda said...

Fun Dives! I miss diving with Admiralty, they definitely spoiled me in diving...the Hawaii company was good, but I'm not sure anyone can hold a candle to Duane and Dave (and all of the others). Did you get some good pictures?

Capt RD said...

Miss Opportunity used to be Govt. offices and was 'parked' high and dry just by the DMV in subbase.

Tommy Dog said...

Looks like a great day in de islands, except I was stuck in the office. But I can get to the blog from the apartment.