Thursday, July 17, 2008

Charlotte Amalie

Here's a pic of downtown Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. Pretty impressive. Bluebeards Castle is in the foreground (lower left hand corner). It looks deceptive because it appears to be a part of downtown, but it's actually on top of a pretty good hill overlooking downtown and the harbor. The airport and the University are at the top of the pic and Waterfront is dead center. You'll laugh when I tell you how I got the picture. It's actually a picture on my US Virgin Islands calendar. We don't have a color scanner so I just took a picture of it with my iPhone. It turned out pretty good.

Update on the Griswalds. Today is their last full day. We had a low-key villa day yesterday which I think everyone needed. Not sure what they are doing today while Jay and I are at work, but this evening we are going to the villa and cooking up whatever is left in the fridge. The rest we get to take home.


Robbo said...

related to your iphone comment, have you been able to fix or workaround the microsoft update/blogger problem?

Deb & Jay said...

It actually just started working again. I sent emails and posted questions all over the place asking about the problem, so I don't know if one got through or someone just finally realized there was a problem.