Monday, July 7, 2008

Griswald's In The Caribbean Begins

Well part of the group is here. Of course they aren't were they are supposed to be. My sisters with all the kids got in yesterday about 5:30. The rental car they had reserved of course wasn't available, because after all the rental car companies here close at 5:00. Deb and I didn't meet them at the airport because we had a company picnic to attend. It turns out they had been trying to get a hold of us 14 missed calls on my cell phone when I got out of the pool. The Villa greeter didn't show up at the airport either. So here we have three adults four kids 5:30 in the evening in the St Thomas airport. No car, no villa and no local knowledge. Fortunately my sisters have both traveled and didn't panic. They hired a cab to take them over to the Villa in hopes that someone would be there to let them in, no such luck. So they spent the first night at the Wyndham Sugar Bay. By the way the second picture is the Wyndham so don't feel to sorry for them. They plan to straighten out the whole villa mess today.

The second part of the saga is my parents. They were supposed to arrive on American Airlines around 8:00 last night. Now if you know anything about the current state of the airlines American to the Caribbean is a really bad idea. They have cancelled/rescheduled approximately 30 percent of their normal flights to all Caribbean locations. This said it was actually Delta's fault that they are currently in Miami Hotel instead of St Thomas. I would also put the blame on the travel agent that booked their flights. Do Not, let me repeat this, Do Not book a flight on multiple airlines. All of the big ones, Kayak, Orbitz, Travelocity etc show these discounted rates with multiple airlines. Here is the problem they had to fly Charleston to Atlanta on Delta, then Atlanta to Miami on Delta, then connect to the American flight to here. Well the flight from Atlanta was delayed because there was no crew to fly it. By the time they got to Miami they had missed the flight to STT. Well American wasn't much help because it wasn't their fault that they missed the flight since Delta caused the problem. Delta doesn't care because, after all they got them to Miami which is what they were hired to do. So two hundred dollars later for a room at the Miami Airport and the better part of 24 hours lost from their trip they might get here around 3:20 today.

Stay tuned for more updates about the Griswald's Caribbean Reunion.


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