Thursday, July 3, 2008

How To Catch The Next Ferry

I posted this last night on Virgin Islands On Line. It seems allot of vacation travelers are confused about the current Ferry Schedule and how tings work down here.

So I thought I would put my .02 in. The best way to handle the new schedule is to depart the plane, stop by the rum booth to get your welcome drink. Then go to the baggage area, there is a bar there were you can get a good bushwhacker. Then hopefully you have brought half the stuff and twice the money so you won't have to actually wait for the baggage conveyor. If you have carry on only then go directly to the taxi stand, get in the cab and go to Red Hook to catch the Ferry. If you have baggage then get the baggage go to the taxi stand, get in the cab and go to Red Hook to catch the Ferry. I chose Red Hook for a couple of reasons. First even with the lighter schedule there are more runs from Red Hook than down town. Second there is a bar in the Red Hook terminal, so if the "Next Ferry" happens to be a couple of hours wait then there are tings to do, like have another bushwhacker or six. The bottom line is some of the Ferry's are running some aren't, it really doesn't matter, when you get to the terminal you will get on the next one. You have no control over the flight arrival time, the Ferry departure time or the commute in between. So get a Bushwhacker, or any other island drink you like settle down and get there when you do.

If you absolutely need to know then here is a link, St Thomas Source to an article in the paper that tries to explain the new deal. By the way bring some dimes because the new rate of $6.10 is a really bad idea, and you will likely hear change soon come.

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