Monday, May 26, 2008

WAPA Out/Generator Test

Well Deb and I are hanging out at the house today. The power is out, it sounded like a transformer blew out down the hill from us about an hour ago. Friday it was out for four and a half hours. It is a holiday so who knows how long it will take to get a crew out to fix it. So since neither of us had taken a shower yet and the generator hadn't been run in a while we figured we would give it a little Pre-Hurricane Season test and run some of the stale fuel out of it. It is working nicely but Toby really doesn't like the noise.
By the way Happy Memorial Day.


Traveling Shaunda said...

Our power is out again? That's rediculous! How is the generator working?

Robbo said...

as much as i think that it would stink to have to rely on generator power, i still can't help but be jealous. better to have power problems in paradise than no problems in hell. (though, to be fair, it's a gorgeous day in chicago today!)

Kim & Brad said...

We had a gorgeous weekend on Summersville Lake & the gang all wishes you 2 were there!!